Building Stone Institute Honors HOLT with a Tucker Design Award

May 14, 2012 -

The Lincoln Center Addition to the Southworth Library received a Tucker Design Award from the Building Stone Intitute. This award recognizes excellence in design through the incorporation and use of natural stone in building and landscape projects.

The original library is a treasured building prominently located in the center of the Village of Dryden. The challenge was to create an addition equal in size to the existing structure without overshadowing or competing with the historically significant William Henry Miller jewel. The design approach was to create two separate volumes, old and new, with a flat roofed glazed connector serving as a transition between the two. The addition harmonizes with the original structure, resonating the materials, massing, scale, and style of the existing.  

With the expectation that the new complex will serve many generations into the future, it was essential that the longevity and durability of the construction and materials match the sturdiness of the original structure. Careful sampling and testing of the existing building stone was undertaken and determined to be a quartzitic sandstone, Burlington Buff Berea SandstoneTM, from the Cleveland Quarries of Ohio. The Library Association longed to use the same material, especially when it was determined that the original quarry could still supply the stone. The original building employed full depth self-supporting rough belly finished stone. To distinguish the new structure from the historic structure, modern detailing was employed for the addition: smooth sawn stone was used for the trim: water table, accent bands, and around windows; and a 4" veneer stone, with a matching rough bellied finish, was used for the balance of the addition and supported from behind on wood framing.

Lincoln Center Addition, Southworth Library

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