Hartwick College

Oneonta, NY

14,800 GSF

Fitness, Student Life

Hartwick College's new Campbell Fitness Center and Stack Lounge is an addition to and renovation of their existing Dewar Student Union.

The project fits two key needs for the university, a dedicated student lounge space within the union and a fitness center for the recreational student athlete.


The project is unique in the way that it connects and relates to the renovations within the existing union while integrating into a complex steeply sloping site. The addition, housing the fitness center is located downhill of the student lounge. Instead of directly connecting, the addition is embedded into the hill side and its roof programmed as a terrace. This formal move allowed natural light into and views out of the student lounge to be maintained. Moreover this roof terrace now becomes an outdoor extension of the student lounge.


For more information about this project contact Steve Hugo, AIA:

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