SUNY Oswego

Oswego, NY

85,000 square feet

LEED Certifiable (Executive Order 111)

Academics, Awards, Student Life, Sustainable

An implementation phase of the Campus Master Plan, the new Campus Center transforms Swetman Hall and links the eastern older campus at SUNY Oswego with the western newer half.

Academically and socially, as well as physically, this rejoining was a major goal of the Master Plan. The Campus Center successfully brings the entire student body together in a central part of campus, providing support, recreational and entertainment spaces. It does this while giving new life to an older building, and interweaves the development with the arena/convocation center previously constructed by the College.


Originally built as an elementary school and college classrooms, extensive renovation and new construction for Swetman and Poucher Halls created a mix of college faculty offices, seminar and meeting rooms, "smart" classrooms and lounge areas.


A 2-story entry hall opens onto a large new atrium, which offers a dynamic and active interior environment and ties together the several student service and educational planning offices in the Learning Center. The Center facilitates entry into college life and promotes students' abilities to plan their own curriculum. It combines programs in the humanities-a core component of the new SUNY General Education Requirements-with a wide array of student advisement services. The addition of a glass-enclosed pedestrian circulation spine helps link the various spaces at multiple levels as well as providing an interior "street" that parallels and complements the exterior landscape joining the two campus precincts. Academic Commons, designed to promote interaction among students and between students and faculty, are interspersed at nodes along the spine.  


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