Rome Memorial Hospital

Rome, NY

5,825 square feet


Central mechanical rooms in large hospitals are typically hidden away in large subterranean vaults.

The public is never permitted to view these often impressive facilities. At Rome Hospital such as opportunity was identified by HOLT when a new Energy Center was proposed. The new 4,500 sf building consolidates and upgrades the hospital's mechanical and electrical physical plant into one efficient facility, increasing serviceability and reducing energy consumption. The above ground perimeter site location meant that the new 2-story building would be easily viewed from a main parking lot. HOLT designed the brick and limestone enclosure to relate to the existing brick hospital, and used expansive glass curtain walls on its two long sides to showcase the enormous machines inside. At night the colorful interior and paired rooftop vent stacks are illuminated. This "mechanical heart" of the hospital has become a popular landmark for the young and old alike. 


For more information about this project contact Graham L. Gillespie, AIA:


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