Ithaca College

Ithaca, NY

42,800 square feet

Awards, Fitness, Student Life

To complement and not overwhelm the neighboring residence halls, the Fitness Center at Ithaca College is made up of three distinct architectural volumes housing the two gymnasiums, the exercise room and the aerobics studio.

In contrast to the typical "big box" with everything inside, here each individual volume has its own identity, with three different roof structures-gabled over the gyms, barrel vaulted at the exercise room and pyramidal with a central skylight at the aerobics studio.


The gymnasium floors are set a story below the main entrance, so that these high spaces can be contained in an envelope that is in scale with the adjacent structures. A flat-roofed central zone connects the separate volumes with circulation and service spaces. The building is constructed of ground-face concrete masonry, in hues that are in harmony with the stone facades of the nearby residence halls.


When students enter the 42,800 square-foot open steel structure, they can see and be seen by fellow students, and can take in the surrounding activity from different vantage points in the building. The gymnasiums-one with hardwood flooring for basketball and one with synthetic flooring to support floor hockey and indoor soccer-are open to and overlooked by seating areas off the main circulation spine, which also connects to the exercise room and aerobics studio. The design emphasis throughout is on a bright, airy, open feeling that encourages participation and interaction.


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