In 2010 HOLT teamed with Trowbridge & Wolf Landscape Architects to produce planning guidelines for an exciting new Town Center for the Town of Lansing, NY.

Lansing is a diverse rural community with deep agricultural roots and more recent ties to the vibrant academic centers in Ithaca just five miles to the south. 


Early in the four month process, the consultants engaged the community directly with lively open public forums to gather local issues and understand complex community concerns. With its unique setting overlooking Cayuga Lake and adjacent to historic Ludlowville, Lansing has important recreational and cultural opportunities that the concept for the new Town Center needed to embrace. The study produced an overlay on the existing Zoning Map to encourage mixed uses and bring more housing into the core. Working closely with the existing town committee, the consultants developed planning alternatives, and outlined strategies for successful future implementation. 


The final planning recommendations included a flexible strategy to develop linked green spaces radiating outward from the Town Center into the adjacent agricultural zone to the north, new roadways at the core to concentrate future development, and a pedestrian network with consolidated parking lots, new sidewalks, hiking trails, and the reuse of an abandoned rail road line linking existing residential areas with the new Town Center. Visual simulations of key local landmarks made the abstract planning concepts tangible for the residents and ultimately inspired them to take ownership of the plan after the consultants work was over. 


For more information about this project contact David H. Taube,AIA, NCARB:

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