SUNY Oneonta

Oneonta, NY

5,900 GSF


The Lecture Hall, Learning Lab, and Lobby project at SUNY Oneonta involves the complete renovation and alteration to an outdated lecture hall, and lobby, and creation of a student learning lab.

The existing tiered lecture space does not provide appropriate accessibility and requires the integration of technology to support faculty and students. The design team carefully analyzed the existing seating configuration and projection technology and determined that sight lines and image clarity were greatly deficient. A number of different seating and projection configurations were considered that offered a varying number of teaching styles, and varying degrees of flexibility within the space. The proposed concept will provide a dynamic, flexible and functional learning environment.


The proposed schematic design for the Lobby creates a public space that can be utilized in many different ways. On a day-to-day basis the space serves as waiting area outside the lecture hall for transitions between classes. The space is also equipped with appropriate technology to allow students to sit and study between classes, and in the evenings the space can be used as a reception hall for large groups.


Adjacent to the Lobby and Lecture Hall, a small gallery area will be converted into the Learning Lab. The Learning Lab is intended for informal student study. The room is designed to accommodate groups of many sizes and functions, and the fluidity of the space and translucent glass writing surfaces are intended to create an atmosphere of collaboration. Technology also places an active role in making the space accessible and attractive to students.


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