Cornell University

Ithaca, NY

16,630 gross square feet

Awards, Historically Sensitive, Student Life

This 6-story, freshman-only residence hall was originally built in the 1960s, and has a unique modern curvilinear form.

The existing first floor was configured in a series of separate rooms that did not achieve the objective of promoting a sense of openness and community for the almost 500 students living there. In addition, the interior had not been renovated in a number of years, and had become tired and dated in appearance.


By removing the enclosure around existing rooms, the renovation created common space for the building's residents including a multipurpose room for TV viewing, seminars and meetings, a glass-enclosed library that includes study space, a lounge with a piano for musical and other social functions and a recreation/gaming area.


The new interior was designed to give the entire area a cohesive visual identity and an aesthetic update, taking cues from the building's modern design. The color scheme and furnishings reinterpret "mod" for today's students, with large expanses of bright colors and modern, durable materials.


For more information about this project contact Graham L. Gillespie, AIA:

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