SUNY Cortland

Cortland, NY

31,300 square feet

LEED Certifiable (Executive Order 111)

Academics, Awards, Planning, Sustainable

This project was one of the first projects to be implemented as a result of a masterplanning study that HOLT undertook for the campus.

Renovation of and addition to Cornish Hall provides space for the School of Education, allowing the School of Education to consolidate faculty offices, special centers, classrooms and the college's Child Care Center. The existing building was completely re-configured and the addition provides additional academic teaching and support space for students and faculty.


This project started with a comprehensive programming study that involved meetings and interviews with faculty, staff and administrators. The program was then translated into a design that met both the functional needs of the college and created a new signature presence on campus that embodies the ideals of the academic program.


The complex program required that several seemingly conflicting project goals be accomplished through this renovation and addition: providing an accessible route through the building for pedestrian movement from the residential side of campus to the academic buildings; locating and orienting the Child Care Center to be accessible for School of Education students and faculty, while simultaneously maintaining security and a unique identity for the Child Care Center; and arranging the program between the existing building and new addition in a logical way for the School of Education's various department and special research centers.


The design of the School of Education addition incorporates a 2-story glass atrium/lobby space which serves as a welcoming beacon and denotes the new primary entrance to the School. The 31,320 GSF addition sits largely in front of the existing buildings, creating a new face to the entire complex. A new state-of-the-art Child Care Center incorporates skylights and large glazed areas into its bright cheery environment, and has a layout that naturally creates a protective courtyard for the children's outdoor play areas.


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