Park Foundation

Ithaca, NY

4,300 GSF

LEED Registered, striving Platinum for Commercial Interiors

Commercial, Not for Profit, Sustainable

The Park Foundation is a nonprofit foundation founded in 1966 by the businessman and media mogul Roy H. Park.

The Park Foundation has actively promoted and supported the pursuit and implementation of education, public broadcasting, and sustainable initiatives, ranging from pursuing educational objectives and endorsing policy implementation incorporating green building design and construction practices in specific projects.


A quote from Adelaide P. Gomer, President of Board of Trustees, informed the design of their new space:

"The Park Foundation's approach to making a difference in the world is holistic. Whether we are investing in social change, or the market, we will remain mindful that money is a means, and not an end unto itself. As a foundation, our true bottom line is the good we do in the world..."


The design concept is born out of the mission of the Park Foundation as well as relating to the beautiful collection of antique furniture and art in Park's collection. The design draws from the past, but brings the offices into the expansive future. Roy Park's love of the arts and crafts movement, and the current mission of green and sustainable design are merged to create a design that is timeless.


Furthermore, their commitment to sustainable goals are reflected in the colors and patterns of finishes used throughout. Nature is reflected in a subtle expression of warm sages, branches, and earthtones. Striving towards LEED Platinum for Commercial Interiors, every item in the design was considered for LEED. Mechanical systems, daylighting, artificial lighting (all LED), interior finishes, casework, and furniture all comply for LEED certification and offer LEED points towards our Platinum goal.


The objective was to create a new home for a growing organization, steeped in rich history with a strong connection to the past yet a need to look towards the future of our society. With the goal of celebrating a space which reflects the holistic approach to philanthropy and generosity, the Park Foundation offices are born.


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