The Bio Lab was last renovated in 1992, when the functional kitchen was transformed into a general purpose laboratory. It has since been used as a collection staging area, severely curtailing available research workspace. HOLT's renovations converted this space into a clean lab for microscope work and this lab serves as the primary location for sensitive equipment and most chemical procedures. Chemical storage cabinets were installed along with a vented fume hood, and other general safety equipment. Standing height Benchtops are accommodated on one side of the lab and sitting height on the opposite side.


The Prep Lab provides space for staff and volunteers to work on fine specimen preparation, using rotary tools and air-abrasion. The space also accommodates materials for specimen molding and casting. This lab serves as a museum exhibition and can be viewed from the Museum concourse allowing all visiting patrons to experience research activities as they occur through three large windows. The renovation improved the lighting, re-configured the space to better accommodate the tasks frequently performed in the lab and provided a vented fume.


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