With continual advances in medical radiation technology, Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) services today include gigantic and often intimidating machines shielded within massive concrete and lead vaults.

Creating non-clinical treatment environments that reduce patient stress and promote calm healing are critical for successful cancer treatments. HOLT's personalized cancer treatment addition at Cayuga Medical Center at Ithaca joins the latest medical technology with the naturally healing qualities of nature. The center has its own private garden entrance discretely hidden from the main hospital. Tall glass windows at the double-story patient lounge open onto the garden and sky above. Opposite a sculptural indoor waterfall fills the space with the delicate sound of a country brook. The patient lounge is top lit with soft natural light. Design features include wood paneling, indirect wall light sconces, comfortable soft seating, natural colored fabrics, convenient snack station and a private toilet. Patients have direct access to adjacent staff and an education center for patients and family. The center is operated in conjunction with Roswell Park Cancer Institute and is equipped with high speed digital technology which allows for synchronous collaboration between the two centers of expertise. The two-story addition was carefully planned and sited to readily allow for a second treatment vault in the future.


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