Colgate University

Hamilton, NY

73,500 gross square feet

Student Life


The project comprises 2-story townhouse buildings, each made up of two 8-bedroom units, and two 3-story gatehouse buildings with each containing four smaller student units and a staff apartment. The buildings are arranged on a long, shallow site, in groups that form quadrangles and courts, with each gatehouse providing an archway entrance to the internal mews. The arrangement engenders a sense of community within the smaller neighborhoods created by the grouping of the buildings.


The design is informed by the scale and character of the nineteenth century residential architecture of the Village of Hamilton, as well as the material palette of the Colgate campus. The buildings feature gables and hip roof lines with stone chimneys, projecting bay windows, front porches and cedar bevel and shingle siding. The units have hot water base board heat with individual room control, and are centrally air conditioned for summer occupancy. All buildings feature large living and dining spaces, kitchens with dishwashers and double refrigerators, laundry facilities, study areas and covered porches. Our project supports Colgate's living and learning philosophy, to foster mature citizenship through the responsibility of independent group living.


For more information about this project contact Graham L. Gillespie, AIA:

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