Binghamton University

Binghamton, NY

74,000 square feet

LEED Silver certified

Academics, Awards, LEED Silver certified, Sustainable

The new academic center for downtown Binghamton, NY attracts over 3,000 students a day, bringing new vitality to the heart of this historic city.

The design sets up an articulated brick and limestone façade that traces its antecedents to the traditional architecture of the nearby Court Street Historic District. Against this traditional reference plane in an insertion of glass and aluminum structure that begins at the west with enclosure of the atrium, and carries through the building to re-emerge on the Washington Street façade as a 3-story tall bay window creating a marquee over the building entrance.


The 3-story atrium serves as the public great hall, surrounded by activity spaces and connecting the street entrance through the building to the riverfront park. The information commons and a snack bar support the atrium as a place for students and people from the community to congregate, relax and interact. The Downtown Center is an urban redevelopment that is LEED Silver certified with the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design accreditation program.


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