How A 21st Century Learning Commons Can Change Your Campus

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As higher education campuses reinvent themselves to serve the needs of the 21st century student, and operating budgets continue to decrease, campuses are looking for opportunities to consolidate services and save money. The Arthur A. Houghton, Jr. Library at Corning Community College (CCC) recently underwent a transformation project that consolidated learning centers from around the campus and now houses them in one centralized place.

At the SUNY/PPAA & NYAPPA 2017 Summer ConferenceDr. Katherine Douglas, President of Corning Community College, along with Sarah Weisman, Library Director of SUNY Oswego’s Penfield Library (formerly with CCC) and Quay Thompson, Principal at HOLT Architects will discuss the successful implementation of this new hybrid learning environment. They will explore how the college modernized their library to add a spacious new contemporary Learning Commons, including the challenges faced in consolidating physically separate department learning centers with established identities and cultures into one shared space.

Attendees of this session will learn how the students, staff, and the campus as a whole benefit from the renovation; learn what features and functionalities comprise the Learning Commons; understand the impact that a consolidated Learning Commons can have on facility management including staffing and security issues; gain knowledge of considerations and issues to consider when planning a Learning Commons project; and understand the importance of the Learning Commons in attracting new students.

When:     Wednesday, July 12th, 1:45pm-2:45pm
Where:    SUNY/PPAA & NYAPPA 2017 Summer Conference – Buffalo Niagara Convention Center, Room 106B.


Library Entrance Before


Library Entrance After Addition


Basement Stack Space Before

Basement Stack Space Transformed to Student Space After

Presentation Space in Existing Library

New Presentation/Program Space Addition

New Presentation/Program Space Addition

New Presentation/Program Space with Alternative Furniture Layout

Cafe in New Addition

Renovated Learning Commons Space

Renovated Learning Commons Space

New Stack Space

New Group Study Rooms

Renovated Gallery – Central Circulation Spine