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In a special feature, The Ithaca Voice published opinion pieces from potential developers of the Green Street Parking Garage in Ithaca. With Visum Development’s proposal, the team is making a promise to the Ithaca community that their proposed building can be built with 100% certainty. And that achieving this level of confidence meant creating the right vision and providing the right due diligence for execution. Read more from Todd Fox, Owner of Visum on why this is critical to the development

Todd Fox, Owner of Visum Development was born and raised in Ithaca and is now raising three children of his own here. As an Ithacan developer, Todd views each development as a way to help keep Ithaca the vibrant, beautiful and inclusive community that it is today – and sees the Green Street Development as “a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a meaningful public space that finally connects the Commons to our beautiful Six Mile Creek”.

For the Visum Development team, which is almost entirely composed of professionals who have lived and worked in Ithaca for decades, there is no room for error. And with our proposal, the Visum team is making a promise to our community that we know we will be able to keep –  Newman Development Group, Visum Development Group, Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services (INHS), HOLT Architects, Whitham Planning and Design, and T.G. Miller Engineers