CFCU Cuts Ribbon on New Transformation Center!

MariaHOLT News

Congratulations to CFCU Community Credit Union on “cutting the ribbon” for its new Ithaca Commons Transformation Center!

The local HOLT team, including Architects Quay Thompson and Cindy Kaufman, is proud to have been a part this exciting project that renovates 14,000sf and two stories of an historic bank building into a vibrant Transformation Center incorporating retail banking and administrative offices for 30 employees.

The project features an exciting new design and direction for retail banking by strategically selecting and placing technology and furniture throughout the retail space, and creating an immersive banking experience for all clients and employees. Modern design elements, contemporary finishes, lighting, bright colors, glazing, and technology-infused client service areas integrate into and enliven the historic bank hall. Support areas flank the great hall and include conference rooms, offices, collaboration spaces, and an enclosed outdoor patio. The light-filled mezzanine with executive offices is open to the bank hall below.

Further information, as covered in a June 2019 Tompkins Weekly story, details that:

“The Transformation Center is a full-service branch, so anything a member could do at a regular CFCU branch can be done there as well. What makes it different are the new technologies spread throughout the center, all designed for the members to try out and provide feedback on.

The palm scanner scans vein flow and uses that as a more secure identification method. The VTMs can perform anything an ATM can in addition to other features like cashing checks, depositing funds, transferring money and other services human tellers have traditionally provided. The collaboration room allows for a more private setting to talk to members, while the innovation lounge acts as both a waiting room and a future site to showcase new technologies and have members try them out