HOLT Architects Receives Three Design Awards

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Three Southern Tier building projects – Tompkins Cortland Community College’s Residence Hall Addition, Corning Community College’s Library/Learning Commons Renovation, and HOLT Architects’ new Net-Zero Office in Ithaca’s West End were named recipients of the prestigious American Institute of Architects’ Southern New YorkDesign Awards. All projects were designed by HOLT Architects and emphasize collaboration, communication and the flexibility to adapt to future trends and technologies.

“Receiving a design award is significant for both the architect and the client. These awards not only acknowledge architectural innovation, but also the client’s commitment to providing the best possible facility for their people, community, and environment” states Maria Livingston, HOLT’s Director of Marketing & Business Development.

Tompkins Cortland Community College’s Residence Hall Addition supports the ongoing movement of community colleges transforming to 24/7 campuses. The addition connects two residential wings, provides dynamic and flexible commons spaces for students to gather and socialize, offers 24/7 amenities, and encourages learning to exist in every interaction – in the classroom and throughout the campus.

Corning Community College’s Library and Learning Commons Renovation transforms the mid-century modern Arthur A. Houghton, Jr. Library into a vibrant, engaging and collaborative Learning Commons. The new facility offers dedicated areas for group study, private study, multi-disciplinary academic counseling, and widespread digital connectivity—all in a comfortable, flexible, coffee-house style atmosphere that fosters student collaboration and face-to-face socialization.

HOLT Architect’s Net-Zero Office renovation converts a dated, one-story, commercial property into a 7,600sf high-performance, net-zero energy office. The new space exemplifies the company’s culture and core values, promotes impromptu interactions, and encourages face-to-face engagement among team members.

HOLT Architects has been providing socially and environmentally responsible architecture for community, business, healthcare and higher education clientele since 1963. HOLT employs 32 professionals in Ithaca and Syracuse, has earned over 85 design awards, and is named one of Central New York’s “Best Places to Work”.