Cayuga Cancer Center at Cortland

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Cayuga Medical Center | Cayuga Park Medical Office Building

Cayuga Medical Center Carpenter Park Medical Office Building Ithaca NY

Cayuga Medical’s (CMC) new 65,000 SF Medical Office Building exemplifies excellence. The building is designed to create a downtown outpatient center for a community with growing needs for services such as a Quick Care walk-in clinic, laboratory services, an FQHC primary care clinic, diagnostic imaging, flexible outpatient clinic space and a comprehensive women’s health center.

The design also revolutionizes healthcare services by incorporating many evidence-based design elements and WELL components to enhance patient care and the staff work environment. The project features a five-story wellness stair, multiple connections to outdoors, non-PVC building materials, and respite spaces to support mental wellness.

Highland Hospital | Patient Tower

Highland Hospital Rochester NY Patient Tower Addition

HOLT is working with Highland Hospital to help plan, program, and design a patient tower addition onto their existing hospital.

The project adds four levels plus a mechanical penthouse to the hospital’s southeast wing – three of the floors will house a total of 58 patient rooms and one floor will house other clinical programs. The project will enable the hospital to provide private rooms for nearly all of their patients, affording more space for patient needs, and the positive therapeutic impact of more privacy and less noise during recovery.

Highland Hospital | MRI Suite

Highland Hospital Rochester NY MRI Suite

HOLT worked with Highland Hospital to conduct a feasibility study and design a new 1,600 sf MRI Suite on the second floor in the hospital’s Imaging Department. This renovation of an existing area now provides space for a new state-of-the-art Control Vestibule, Control Room, MRI Scan Room and Equipment room