Elmira Savings Bank

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Tompkins County Legislature

Tompkins County | Ithaca, NY This historically sensitive renovation transformed a 1854 double-height courtroom into a 21st Century public assembly space for the Tompkins County Legislature. The renovated facility includes a central 16-seat Legislature horseshoe meeting table, several semi-private staff offices, ancillary meeting spaces, public seating for over 40 persons, and sophisticated acoustical, lighting and audiovisual technology. Interior windows and … Read More

Aurora Inn

Aurora Inn | Aurora, NY Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and built in 1833, the Federalist-style Aurora Inn underwent a comprehensive renovation and addition project to remove incompatible structures that had been added to the building over time, integrate modern amenities, and restore the rich historic character of the Inn and its environs. An addition to the … Read More

Southworth Library

Dryden Library | Dryden, NY The Lincoln Center Addition triples the capacity of the original historic Southworth Library, a treasured Romanesque style building designed by William Henry Miller in 1894 and listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. The design approach was to add “behind” it and to connect to it with a light and transparent link allowing the … Read More

Hangar Theatre Renovation

Hangar Theatre | Ithaca, NY The Hangar Theatre’s 11,000sf transformative renovation brought new life, functionality and year-round capabilities to Ithaca’s beloved performance venue. Newly glazed large openings allow and abundance of natural light to stream into the lobby; “Hangar Theatre Red” is used throughout and highlighted with sparkling dramatic lights and horizontal steel forms to create a sense of movement … Read More