City Harbor Waterfront Development

Architectural rendering of City Harbor Mixed-use Waterfront Development showing luxury apartments, restaurants, and waterfront promenade.

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Travis Hyde Properties | Gateway Commons Mixed-Use Development

Travis Hyde Properties | Ithaca, NY The 42,000 sf, six-story Gateway Commons project includes 25 housing and two retail units in a prime, downtown Ithaca location situated at the edge of the Ithaca Commons pedestrian mall and bordering Six Mile Creek. The building design takes advantage of the unique site location – the apartments on the city side of the … Read More

Seneca Way Mixed-Use Development

Newman Development Group | Ithaca, NY The new five-story, 65,000sf Seneca Way building is a commercial/residential development adds much-desired luxury apartments to downtown Ithaca. Sited between downtown and a residential neighborhood, this new structure proudly acts as an entry point to city living.  The creative design approach mitigated the negative impacts of a taller building adjacent to residential homes by … Read More