Wells College | Sommer Center

Wells College | Aurora, NY The bright, vibrant, and newly renovated Sommer Student Center offers a students a versatile and colorful lounge space in the center of campus. Various seating options and arrangements support a wide-variety of learning and study styles while televisions and a gas fire place provide students the comforts of home. The renovation, which transformed a former … Read More

Cornell University | Uris Library Study Area

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Binghamton University | Student Union North

Binghamton University | Binghamton, NY This 36,000sf addition and renovation project transforms and unifies a series of buildings into an inviting social destination and central hub for student activity. The creation of a new 2-story atrium allows natural light to flood into the facility, energizes the student activity spaces within, and provides a front door for the student support departments … Read More

SUNY Cortland | Moffett Center

SUNY Cortland | Cortland, NY SUNY Cortland’s 1940’s Moffett Center was originally built as a recreational facility including a pool, gym and related facilities. Its location, nestled in the center of the campus’ academic heart, make the building ideal to repurpose for academic uses. Phase I of the Moffett Center rehabilitation project renovated the west side of the building for … Read More

SUNY Oswego | Campus Center Rehabilitation

SUNY Oswego | Oswego, NY Originally built as elementary school and college classrooms, Swetman and Poucher Halls underwent and extensive 87,000sf renovation to better faculty offices, seminar and meeting rooms, smart classrooms and student lounge areas. A 2-story entry hall opens into a large new atrium creating a dynamic central gathering space that organizes access to the several student service … Read More