Our Work

Higher Education

With a dedicated higher education studio, HOLT stays at the leading edge of how facilities can positively impact today’s College and University students. We understand that the design of optimal learning environments is constantly evolving, and we strive to create sustainable, flexible, and efficient spaces that can adapt to future educational needs and trends.


HOLT’s healthcare architects and designers understand the importance of staying in step with the cutting-edge developments in healthcare technology and healing theories. We study how different designs impact patient care and create spaces that foster functionality, flexibility, and the integration of evidence-based principles to assure projected outcomes.


When designing mixed-use and multi-family residential buildings, we work with clients from the earliest phases to assist with site selection, orientation and massing analyses, architectural and contextual studies, conceptual design development, community information dissemination, and planning board approvals. We convey our thoughtful and sensitive designs using 3-D imaging to help describe each project’s vision and build support early-on in the process.

Community, Commercial & Banking

At HOLT we believe that creative community participation benefits everyone. For over five decades we have partnered with a wide range of community organizations providing planning and design services to help them successfully reach their goals. Whether the project is a bank or credit union, new community library, or guidelines for a new town center, we enjoy the intense collaborative process that builds strong communities.


Our team invests in each client — taking time to know and appreciate backgrounds, ideals, environments, goals, and future trends of each industry. Stemming from this deep understanding, the process of designing a project that celebrates each client’s mission and vision begins.

At the end of a project, when we are ready to celebrate a grand opening, to stand with a client and say “We designed this great building together” is everything we strive for.