A Collaborative Process


When it comes to design, HOLT Architects invests in each client — taking time to know and appreciate their background, ideals, environment, goals, and the future trends of their industry. Stemming from this deep understanding, the process of designing a project that celebrates the client’s mission and vision begins. 

As architects, we can affect people at every stage of their lives. To take an idea, a hope, a vision and translate that into a place that can make someone’s life better is why we do what we do.

Truly understanding each client’s unique culture, values, perspectives and goals is at the core of HOLT’s process.

We bring people together to listen, collaborate, and inspire one another. And work iteratively to translate ideas into great architecture. We focus on providing an amazing, integrated client experience.



At the end of a project, when we are ready to celebrate a grand opening, to stand with a client and say “We designed this great building together” is everything we strive for.

This incredible ability we have to make a lasting impact on individuals, institutions, communities and countries is an unbelievable gift. Each and every one of us believes this and are here to help make the world a more efficient, more inspiring, more sustainable place.

If you share this same mission with us, let’s come together, inspire one another, collaborate, design, develop, and break new ground.

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