Smart Density on Green Street

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Building the Ithaca Way: Integrating Sensitivity and Thoughtfulness into Growth – It is exciting to see the online buzz regarding the Green Street Parking Garage rebuild. And to realize how this is just one of the many projects that helps make up Ithaca’s successful and planned growth.

We are proud to be part of a great local team for the Green Street project – Newman Development Group, Visum Development Group, Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services (INHS), HOLT Architects, Whitham Planning and Design, and T.G. Miller Engineers – and proud of the proposal and the designs that we have created together.

Green Street Parking Garage Development

“It’s not only the aesthetic that makes a great building. One of our major design feats for the Green Street development is achieving the Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency‘s (IURA) affordable housing, parking, and density goals while respectfully siting the building adjacent to other structures. With the majority of our building having a 63’ set back from Harold’s Square we emulate the natural width of a city street – which fosters occupant comfort and maximizes natural daylight penetration. This design also proposes a new entrance for City Hall, giving them a more ceremonial front door and an exterior plaza that becomes an outdoor gathering space,” states HOLT Design Principal Steve Hugo.

Click here to view our team’s entire proposal.

Green Street Parking Garage Development - set back

Green Street Parking Garage Development - City Hall Atrium

More on the Green Street development project can be found on the Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency and the Ithaca Voice websites.