What are we thinking about today? Affordable Housing.

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What are we thinking about today? Affordable Housing.

Many of us are thinking about the need for more Affordable Housing in our own communities and across the nation. With the COVID-19 outbreak, recent news on eviction freezes being lifted, unemployment levels increasing, and COVID-19 related construction slowdowns and delays on affordable housing projects, many experts predict that this need will only get worse.

The HOLT team has been a part of 10 local affordable housing projects which have all helped improve the quality of life for many of our neighbors. We know that we need to design to address the immediate COVID-19 crisis. We also know that we need to design beyond the pandemic and continue to create safe and healthy communities that foster equity, opportunity, and wellness for all. Moving forward, will affordable housing design need to change to make it safer for its occupants? Email us your thoughts!

A photo of INHS Breckenridge Place. A LEED Platinum affordable housing apartment building in downtown Ithaca.

Pictured above is INHS Breckenridge Place – a 60,000sf, 50-unit, mixed-income apartment building located in a high-value area downtown Ithaca. The building is LEED for Homes Platinum certified and is designed to meet both the Enterprise Green Criteria and the NYS Division of Housing and Community Renewal Green Criteria. HOLT has worked with INHS on many projects throughout the region including Stone Quarry and 210 Hancock Street.